Hello! My name is Monica Lynn. I'm the CEO and Founder of 5 squares, a healthy meal delivery service feeding the New York area. Since 2001, we have been serving thousands of people just like you -- from professionals to stay-at-home parents, to anyone who has an interest in fresh, healthy eating.

Unfortunately, The Fresh Diet went out of business in the early part of the summer, but we would love the chance to earn your business afresh. At 5 squares, we started with just a borrowed kitchen more than 15 years ago. Since those days, we have grown from the ground up into the thriving, privately owned company we are today. I'm proud to say that we remain grounded in those humble beginnings, with a focus on the priorities that got us to where we are today: listening to our clients, and providing phenomenal meals as well as amazing customer service.

To learn more about us, please visit us at 5squares.com. And of course, if you'd rather call and talk to a real person, we'd welcome the chance to speak with you at 1-866-593-2665. We very much hope to serve you soon.

In good health from my family to yours,
Monica Lynn